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The Future Skills Program: Decision Making and Risk Management For Your Career and Finances
The program is presented by Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade (2000-2009) and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking out of Homeostasis.
The Future Skills Program contains 5 modules (advanced career advice, finance, general career advice, networking and specialization) with a total of 37 videos, homework assignments, detailed video notes for each video and coaching through email.
When you join the Future Skills Program (if you are accepted) you will:
  • Begin your career well by deciding upon your initial specialization and follow-up game plan for expanding on it. With our Early Career Advice.
  • Join the top 5% of earners by becoming a CEO or senior manager, partner, investor or an entrepreneur. With our Advanced Career Advice.
  • Get ahead faster than peers by working on the right things and prioritizing your time in superior ways. With our General Career Advice.
  • Build a powerful network by contacting important people, befriending them, gaining a mentor and maintaining your network. With our Networking Advice.  
  • Shorten your learning curve as an investor by finding your best-suited investment style, understanding risk-management, and find lucrative business ideas with fundamental analysis, technical analysis, psychology, and statistics. And also:
  • Make and manage money in the markets by learning the fundamentals of value investing, understanding intrinsic value and using it to buy low and sell high. With our Financial Advice.
Below you can see 2 of the videos to get an idea about how the videos are structured:
FINANCE MODULE VIDEO 12: The FAMINE 5-step Investment Process (F+A): Filtering And Analyzing by Mikael Syding
Become “T-Shaped” (Jack of All Trades, and Master in at least One) by Ludvig Sunstrom
Here's a full list of the 37 videos you will get access to:
Module 1 - Specialization for Your Early Career. You will learn the key considerations for the first phase of your career (the first 5-10 years; or up to age 30-35), as you make the decision to gain an initial specialization and then how you go about expanding upon it.
  • Specialization: Specialization 101
  • Specialization: Top 5 Reasons Specialization Works
  • Specialization: Assuming You're New to a Field, What Should You Specialize In?
  • Specialization: The Ultimate Purpose of Specialization
  • Specialization: Balancing The Objective With The Subjective
  • Specialization: Become “T-Shaped” (Jack of All Trades, and Master in at least One)
Module 2 - Advanced Career Advice: You will learn the fundamentals for joining the top 5% of earners. Specifically, there are 4 career paths you can take: becoming a hyperspecialist, a CEO or senior manager, an investor, or pursuing entrepreneurship.
  • Advanced Career Advice: Four Ways to Financial Independence: The Hyperspecialist
  • Advanced Career Advice: Beyond Hyperspecialist, The Partner or Generalist CEO
  • Advanced Career Advice: Compounding Your Gains, The Investor
  • Advanced Career Advice: Psychological Ironman, The Entrepreneur
  • Advanced Career Advice: Staying Sharp and Retaining Your Edge
  • Advanced Career Advice: When to Change Jobs
Module 3 - General Career Advice: You will learn how to get ahead in your career faster than others by applying four little-known tactics. These tactics are universally applicable and will make a positive difference regardless of your line of work or age.
  • General Career Advice: The 4 Capitals
  • General Career Advice: How to Build the 4 Capitals
  • General Career Advice: 3 Ways to Become a Linchpin (Irreplaceable at Work)
  • General Career Advice: Before Specializing or Changing Jobs, Interview an Expert First
  • General Career Advice: Go Where You’re Needed (Low Supply, High Demand)
Module 4 - How to Build a Network: You will learn the practical tools and methods required for meeting new people, gaining useful connections, and building a social network.
  • Networking: Networking 101
  • Networking: How to Meet the Right Business Contacts
  • Networking: How to Find A Mentor
  • Networking: How to Balance Your Social Life With Work
  • BONUS: The 4 Best Ways to Build a Strong Network and Become a Highly Networked Individual
Module 5 - Financial Knowledge and Money Management: You will learn the fundamentals of successful value investing and how to shorten your learning curve as an investor. You'll also learn how to find and develop your own investment style, how deal with your emotions when making complex decisions, how to manage risk, how to buy low and sell high, and how to find lucrative business and investing ideas.
  • Finance: The Three Foundations Of Superior Investing: Strategy, Patience & Managing Losses
  • Finance: Powering The Feedback Loop Of Systematic Investing
  • Finance: The Competency Ladder Of Investing & Controlling Your Emotions And Minimizing Mistakes
  • Finance: Understanding Intrinsic Value, Statistics And Psychology: Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
  • Finance: Controlling And Evaluating Your Investment Style: Traders, Investors And Gamblers
  • Finance: Identifying Your Investment Style: Grit Or Focus, Time Constraints, Numbers Or Charts
  • Finance: The 4 Pillars Of Not Losing Your Money: Strategy, Diligence, Patience, Cool
  • Finance: Pillar 1: Crafting A Strategy That Can Be Evaluated And Refined
  • Finance: Pillar 2: Doing The Math, Verifying Replicability & Assuming Responsibility
  • Finance: Pillar 3: Patience To Finalize Your Research & Wait For Optimum Entry And Exit Points
  • Finance: Pillar 4: Checks And Balances That Counter Your Counterproductive Emotions
  • Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (F+A): Filtering And Analyzing
  • Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (M+IN+E): Modelling, Investing & Evaluating
  • Finance: The Most Effective Key Ratios To Screen For Attractive Stocks
  • Finance: Key Ratios Summary: Features And Drawbacks of Using The Best Key Ratios
  • Finance: Syding’s Screening process: A Practical Stock Search; Using P/S, Growth Trends, Margins, Balance Sheet And CEO Comments
  • BONUS: Mikael Syding's 4 Pillars
While the materials are comprehensive, we have structured the contents in such a way that you can complete the videos and homework assignments in just 30 minutes every 2 weeks. (Thus a total of 1 hour per month).

We have done this to accommodate those of you who have very demanding work and study schedules.
All videos are accompanied by detailed text documents and homework assignments. So you can both read and watch, to better internalize the ideas. Finally, the homework assignments are there to spur self-reflection and prompt you to take action. We will then provide feedback on your answers by e-mail (in accordance to our biweekly Sunday schedule).
Due to the personal nature of this course, and given our own time constraints, we have a limited amount of spots available for the Future Skills Program. To date, we have gotten several hundred applications, where we spotted a clear pattern: young and ambitious people, and older more experienced people looking for highly specific advice. To accommodate this, we have made both a basic package which is very affordable (as seen above) and an extensive package (which is more expensive and includes private video consults with Mikael). 

To apply for the course, fill out the form at the bottom of the page linked below and we will get back to you within 72 hours:
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